Pat Lencioni: How to Build an Extraordinary Team

Patrick Lencioni is founder and president of The Table Group, Inc., a specialized management-consulting firm focused on organizational health. He has been described by The One-Minute Manager’s Ken Blanchard as “fast defining the next generation of leadership thinkers.” Patrick’s books have sold…

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Keith Rabois: Be Incredibly Awesome At What You Do

Keith Rabois (@rabois) is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor. He worked early on at PayPal, Slide, Square, and LinkedIn. He’s helped build amazing companies. He now works at Khosla Ventures and he was an early investor in companies like…

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Simon Sinek: How Anyone Can Be The Leader They Wish They Had

Listen to the full interview with Simon Sinek here: Leadership is the lifeblood of an organization. When leaders creates safe environments at work, everyone thrives and devotion is the natural response to those conditions. Toxic cultures breed cynicism, paranoia, and…

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Spencer West: Why Asking for Help is a Sign of Courage

Listen to the full interview with Spencer West here: The terrain was dry and the gravel was slippery. The wind unforgiving, having to take one step back for each step forward. Although breathtaking, the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa can…

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