3 Qualities Google Looks For

Google receives thousands of resumes, daily. Getting hired is an accomplishment, but nonetheless landing an interview requires extraordinary talent and an ounce of serendipity.  Over coffee with senior management, I learned of 3 core competencies that they look for during

Should You Go to Business School?

I’ve spent the last 6 months gathering insight from my network to understand whether or not it makes sense to go to business school, I’m going to share what I’ve gathered that could potentially help you decide for yourself.

You …

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

You’re frustrated.

You’ve applied to 20+ jobs and never heard back from a recruiter. Whether you are looking to get an interview at Google or a hot startup in Silicon Valley, one thing is for sure. The best way to

3 Tips to Crush Your 2015 Goals

2015 is upon us and whether you’re architecting your goals or contemplating a New Year’s resolution, there are a few invaluable tips you can leverage to put your goals in perspective.

Tip #1 – Aim High

Les Brown uttered with

Love to Fail

As the clock strikes two minutes past seven and the sunlight beams through the slit in my blinds signaling me to awake, I can still hear the coach’s whistle drumming in my head. As I gradually open my eyes, I …

The Midas Touch

As we near January 2015 your colleagues and friends will be gearing up for new jobs, some with their current company and others taking a leap of faith elsewhere. The good employees will be climbing up the career ladder with …

Surprise Interview Questions

Surprise Interview Questions

Prevent being a deer in the headlights
There are a couple surprise interview questions that if you prepare for in advance you’ll be able to roll the answers off your tongue for maximum impact.

#1 – Why

Questions to Ask in an Interview

So you’ve applied for a job and secured a phone interview for a role you’re ecstatic about. Or perhaps you’ve passed the phone screen and have been invited for an on-site interview with a hiring manager. You’ve researched the company …